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Track, organise and analyse your data.

Operations Dashboard

Our Operations Dashboard is built to help you track your daily actions, automatically organise your data and help you analyse and optimise your business performance.

The benefits

How can it help you?


Businesses move forward by your daily actions. Are you tracking yours? Our dashboard is built around your daily actions, so you can actually see whats moving the needle forward.


We automatically organise all of your key data and output them into easy to understand visuals. So you can make informed decisions quickly.


We then output the all the relevant information into easy to understand visuals, so you can see whats working and what needs to optimise
The features

What does it do?

Conversion Metrics - Breaks down your goals into daily actions...
Our conversion metrics calculator is purpose built to help you reverse engineer your Net Income or Commission goals right down to your Daily Actions. It takes into account your potential broker splits and cap limits. It adjust values based on your conversion rates. And the best thing about it, is you only have to input a few of your key numbers and it will work out the rest.
Action List - Tracks and organises your daily actions...
The action list is where you track your daily actions. Prospecting calls, Zoom Calls, Meetings, Marketing Touches and more. Without tracking your daily actions we will never know what moves the needle forward in our business. The action list is super simple to use and understand. It also keeps an audit trail of all your conversations so you can always pull up notes on your clients touch points.
Properties - Keep a pulse on your listings status, GCI and more...
Our properties list enables you to keep a log of what properties are on your books. Its allows you to see all the information you need at a glance as well as things such as; Days on Market, Property Status, Source of Business. It also automatically works out your GCI, Cap and Revenue per deal - which feeds directly into your financial accounts.
Leads/Enquiries - Tracks your inbound leads and enquiries...
Track your inbound leads and enquiries. Leads are the lifeblood of your business, letting a potential client slip through your fingers could mean hitting your goals or missing out on them. Our Leads/Enquiries tracking sheet make sure you keep all of your potential pipeline in once place ready to build relationships and secure deals.
Financial Accounts - Your personal bookkeeper...
Our financial accounts view allows you to keep a pulse on your finances. It replaces the need for a bookkeeper allowing you to see how much money is coming in and how much money is going out and where the sources are. Keeping a track of your finances are imperative to see how your business is doing and how much money your are making and spending. We sync this with your properties view to save you time from manually inputing your commission and cap.If your'e using different applications to track your properties, your finances, your KPI's - this can be a headache. Why not have all the main stuff in one place.
Dashboard - Analyses and outputs all your data into easy visuals...
Our Dashboard outputs all of the above data out into in easy to see visuals. We amalgamate and automatically organise your data and output your key metrics, daily actions, financials, business performance and predictive analysis. Here you can analyse your numbers year to date or per specific month. You can see the progress of your daily actions towards your targets. You can see your actual performance vs. your forecasted performance. And you can see what actions relate to what results and how specific trends and correlations are built.
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